Animation Factory: The (better) alternative to film

Moving pictures move, create emotions and generate attention – a must for digital signage solutions. Film is, of course, the best-known format for moving pictures. But are there any alternatives? Our aim with this blog is to show you why it is worth using our template-based add-on module ANIMATION FACTORY as an alternative to film.

With our Animation Factory software module you can produce multifaceted, appealing moving contents. Animation Factories are content templates that are programmed in Flash or HTML5. These templates contain placeholders that are filled with different elements either fully automatically or manually. As the designation “Animation Factories” indicates, the contents are presented in animated form. The incorporation of seamless effects that fly the elements in, zoom them in or out or let them pop up leads to flowing animated moving pictures.


There is no visual difference between the playback of an Animation Factory and that of a film.


screenFOODnet designs and develops the Animation Factory templates according to the customer's specification. The customer determines the design and the editable elements that are defined as placeholders and filled with images, texts or videos. In the Content Management System, the customer can obtain or edit the different elements quickly and easily using the entry mask. This makes it possible for the template to be used repeatedly with the most varied of contents and countless times.


Contents with recognition value

The Animation Factory templates are tailored individually to the customer and designed and produced in such a way that they are adapted to the prescribed guidelines and the corporate design. As with the production of a film, the focus in the production of Animation Factories is on the uniform appearance of a company in order to generate a credible recognition effect. The prescribed colour range, graphic elements and fonts have an influence on the design of the templates. This guarantees that every content that is played back via an Animation Factory corresponds to the company guidelines and the image as a whole.


Small changes, big effect

For varied presentations, the templates in the Content Management System can be edited within a defined frame. Additionally, the presentation of the contents to the adjustment of the template is possible via an editor. Should the font be a little bigger or should the picture be the focal point? Within the area of a predefined frame, content managers can move freely without overriding the corporate design. In this way, for example, pictures can be expanded or reduced within the prescribed area or eye-catchers can be incorporated. Small changes mostly have a big effect and provide variation. Font size and type, colour or background can, if so desired, be edited via the entry mask in order to highlight desired contents specifically.

These prescribed guidelines mean that persons outside the content management or marketing team can also edit the contents.


Low cost and multilingual

The production of films is expensive and even minor changes require a relatively large effort for repeated or new production. Animation Factories, on the other hand, can be changed an unlimited number of times in terms of content and can be adapted to new circumstances. Although Animation Factories incur costs initially, they can then be used in many ways, many times and with unlimited variation. As we have already mentioned, adaptations of design within a predetermined frame are also possible as well as changes of content. Do you produce contents in different languages? No problem. The templates can also be used in different language areas. To do this, only the text must be adapted to the language desired in the entry mask in the Content Management System and, if necessary, the correct logo positioned.


One template, many messages

With just one produced template, the most varied of messages can be sent to the defined target groups:

  • advertising campaigns
  • communicating information
  • placing product advertising
  • communicating combinations of videos and messages
  • promoting competitions

By contrast, films must be re-produced for each new message. Which means that there no short-term changes are possible. An Animation Factory can be adapted in a few minutes (or even seconds).

Animation Factory templates are cheaper, more flexible and more varied than videos.


A template can also be used in different devices, whether they are UHD, FullHD or HD.

Below we have an example of an Animation Factory template that was produced for the Migros Bank as part of the “Digital Advertising Messages in the Shop Window” project. All the contents in the following mock-up are based on the same Animation Factory template:

Video auf YouTube


Appealing contents without a diploma in graphics

A further advantage of Animation Factories is its user-friendly operation and template care. You do not need any qualifications in graphics or design to create appealing contents using Animation Factory templates. New datasets can be created and edited easily. No technical or design skills are necessary to do this. The entry masks show clearly and comprehensibly where to store which contents – child's play!


Save time with automation

Animation Factories can be filled with contents even more easily if the Content Management System is connected directly to your database (DATAPIPE add-on module). The accordingly programmed data fields transfer the appropriate data from the database via an interface. This can save time and reduce the error quota. Furthermore, the contents are always up to date because they correspond to the data stored in the database.



Animation Factories have some crucial advantages over videos:

  • No visual difference can be observed in playback between an Animation Factory and a film.
  • Save time and expense
  • More flexibility
  • Creating content requires no specialist technical or design knowledge
  • A template can be used numerous times and in different ways, which makes it impossible to see that it is an Animation Factory
  • Contents can be animated


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