Digital foot analysis for running shoes that fit

Innovation at Ryffel Running by SportXX - the shop format SportXX at the Migros specialist sports store that specialises in running. Here, customers can find a running shoe that fits them perfectly using the Ryffel Running by SportXX digital foot analysis device.


  • 13 branches (as per August 2014)
  • Foot analysis device from Ryffel Running by SportXX with integrated chamber for recording foot shape and motion sequence
  • Specially configured screenFOOD® APP for presenting the data obtained



  • Efficient sales advice
  • Professionalism and competence thanks to foot analysis
  • Advanced service for the customer by means of foot analysis
  • Special shopping experience with helpful added value
  • Statistical instrument for SportXX with significant evaluations in terms of advice and sales figures


screenFOODnet services

  • Software including specially configured APP
  • Evaluation camera
  • Content creation and production
  • Organisation of integration


Customer interfaces

  • SportXX / Ryffel Running by SportXX
  • MITS (Migros IT Services)


Success Story