Electronic Wishing Tree - Migros Aare tests European innovation

The Wishing Tree, which customers can use to type their product wishes into, won the coveted "Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2012" in the "Retail Signage" category and the "POPAI D-A-CH Digital Award 2013".

The digital wishing tree from the Migros Aare Cooperative (Genossenschaft Migros Aare, GMAA) focuses on solving a specific problem - customers buying elsewhere because articles are not in stock.


  • Touchscreen terminal in the supermarket’s fresh food area
  • Customers can, after signing in with their customer cards, use the terminal to vote for products that are already available in Migros’s overall range or new products they would like to see in the branch in question
  • Missing articles that have been clicked on appear on the screen on a ranking list
  • Successful use of the terminal in a total of nine Migros Aare Cooperative stores
  • Use via the interactive display was designed similarly to that of the iPad - judder-free, finger-touch scrolling and typing
  • Touchscreen terminals were developed using an ergonomics study specially conducted by us


screenFOODnet services

  • Application based on the screenFOOD CS standard software

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