melTV - in-store TV with melectronics' own TV channel

melectronics, the leading electronics store in the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, uses its own TV channel, “melTV”, for its in-store communication. Melectronics uses it to present its advertising where customers will see it and be directly influenced by it.


  • The melectronics in-store TV concept allows the presentation of house and third-party advertising in more than 105 branches across Switzerland in the three main national languages
  • melTV promotes sales and the customer-orientated advertising of products and services and gives melectronics a means of contemporary and dynamic customer contact
  • One focal point of the implementation was guaranteeing that the rollout ran smoothly within two months, up to the end of November 2012, which was successful thanks to detailed project planning



  • Avoidance of uncontrollable advertising by competing providers and products in television advertising
  • Use of display devices for advertising the product range
  • Enables target group-orientated contact - the right advertisment in the right place at the right time
  • An additional module, PROFILING, the location-related playback of contents so that the correct and appropriate content can be filtered out according to region and branch via the SAP interface and shown on the TV devices


Customer interfaces

FMC management of the melectronics specialist store​​​​​​​

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