Integrated and customer-specific product advertising on food scales

Leading Swiss retailers MIGROS offer their customers attractive advertising of their fresh products on their scales systems and in this way improve communication where the purchase decision is made.


  • Expansion of the Bizerba scales already in use to include screenFOOD CS, which has been adapted by screenFOODnet for the specific Linux OS in order to deliver the best service on the destination system
  • Simplified and centralised technical implementation of the scales for the location-specific loading of the scales with current animations
    • Current products are advertised in a targeted way - emotionally, appetisingly and inspiringly - on the screen on the customers’ side of the scales at the fresh food counters selling fish, meat, charcuterie and cheese
  • Integration of the solution into the existing technical operation
  • Location-related broadcast of contents via screenFOOD PROFILING
  • Integration of a local application enables MIGROS employees to administer the product advertising required ad hoc in order to present it locally
    • Optimisation of sales dialogue and guarantee that products no longer in stock are no longer advertised



  • Integrated product advertising on the food scales screens
  • Draws customers’ attention to current promotions
  • Enhances customers’ shopping experience
  • Neuro-marketing: left half of the brain -> price, weight, logic etc.


Customer interface

M-POS (Migros Cooperative Association)

screenFOODnet services








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