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Smart living thanks to the Areal Information System

Mobimo, with a property portfolio valued at more than 3 billion franks in total, is one of the most important Swiss property companies. Its portfolio consists of private and business properties in the German-speaking and western regions of Switzerland. Mobimo also has a pipeline with development objects for its own portfolio or for third parties in first-class locations. 

One of Mobimo’s core competences is district development. The company is the owner of the popular Quartier du Flon in the heart of Lausanne and has transformed an industrial wasteland into a modern, mixed-use district in Aeschbach, Aarau. 92 diverse condominiums and 167 rental apartments as well as commercial spaces on the ground floor, a public park and the Aeschbachhalle make the Aeschbachquartier an attractive new meeting point in the canton capital of Aarau.

Mobimo was looking for a modern form of communication for its area which was not only agile but with which processes could also be automated. screenFOODnet developed an “Area Information System”, AIS for short, especially for the Aeschbachquartier. This enables easy information flow between the area operators, residents and visitors. 

Large, bright screens were installed at neuralgic locations. The screens in semi-private areas can be found in the foyer of each block of residences. There are three public display locations: two of them are outdoors and one is in the Aeschbachhalle, the complex’s events hall.

Semi-Private Screens (in the entrance area)

Putting a report of damage or a heating maintenance announcement on a pinboard can quickly become a challenge for the caretaker in terms of time in a large complex. The note is also frequently too small or inconspicuous, meaning that not every complex resident is made aware when the heating work takes place. Here, the screenFOODnet system provides simple help that will reach all the residents quickly. The caretaker can display easily composed messages using pre-prepared animation. Additionally, each individual screen can be controlled separately should the information not be intended for all the residential units. 

Special attention can be paid to the caretaker in the Aeschbachquartier. A likeable avatar has been created that is used in the pre-prepared animations (see picture). Different animations are shown depending on the theme of the announcement. (Pictures describing the various animations)

A screen in the foyer also has a lot of further benefits, of course. If there is no special announcement being made by the facility manager at any given time, the screen will display current complex-related themes. For example, the Aeschbachhalle can promote a coming party or Mobility AG can advertise its rental system and a special offer for residents.

Public Displays (outdoors)

The screens are used not only in the buildings but also in the outdoor area. Since the Aeschbachquartier, thanks to its attractive location and shops, also attracts visitors from outside, special contents have been created for the outdoor screens. The screens are also extra bright, so that the contents can be seen even in strong sunlight.

One special feature is the departure times of the local public transport. The information is positioned on the screens in a comprehensible format via the official SBB interface. The benefit of this is that the latest news such as a train cancellation or a change of platform can be displayed directly. This means that residents will be informed of any delays in good time.

Another core function of the screens is orientation guidance. A location map will tell people where they are and where the shops and apartments are located. This gives visitors an easy overview of the entire complex.

The main screen provides the opportunity to display user group-specific contents on the reverse side, which is exposed to the well-frequented side. These contents will attract great interest, whether they are commercial spaces for rent, apartments that are still free or the weekly kung fu course that is offered in the “AQArium” public room.


Business and residential complex with:

  • 2 outdoor communication screens
  • 7 in-house screens 
  • 1 event screen in the Aeschbachhalle (events hall)
  • Interactive displays 
  • Extra bright display
  • Screen in vandal-proof housing with thermal management
  • In-house communication with an animated caretaker (cartoon)


  • Prompt communication to tenants and visitors (regarding events, new offers, faults etc.)
  • Orientation guidance with a location map
  • Information for tenants about train delays
  • Centralisation of communication 


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