Target group-orientated sales promotion at the POS at Post CH AG

Schweizerische Post operates its trilingual digital signage display system CanalPoste using the in-store communications solution form screenFOODnet. Post CH AG uses it to help reduce any perceived waiting time for its customers with infotainment and advertising.


  • Rollout in 252 branches in 2014
  • 1-5 visibly positioned screens per office branch
  • Broadcast of product advertisements, weather, news and other important information
  • Complements traditional means of advertising such as posters, dispensers etc.



  • Advertising and infotainment positioned directly at the Point of Sale
  • "Reduction" of possible waiting times
  • An all-encompassing digital signage solution
  • Target group-orientated customer contact; contents broadcast with a view to the region and in the language most prevalent in the area


screenFOODnet services

  • Consulting
  • Software including change requests
  • Template production
  • Project management


Customer interfaces

  • Office branches and sales (Post CH AG)
  • Information technology (Post CH AG)
  • Keller & Partner GmbH​​​​​​​

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