Digital orientation, entertainment and inspiration at Welle7

Welle7 informs, inspires and provides orientation regarding the most varied of digital touchpoints – from information and advertising platforms for store tenants to guidance systems for directions and courses at Klubschule Migros. Further installations such as the video wall with appealing pictures and animations and timetable and room displays create an innovative, urbane and modern environment. The digital timetable display provides clear and up-to-date information at different locations about the imminent train departures from Bern Station, which is located in close proximity.


  • Equipping the new Welle7 concept centre with various digital touchpoints for orientating, entertaining, informing and inspiring visitors
  • 14 different solutions (from timetable displays to advertising platforms for store tenants)
  • 220 screens as touchscreens, display matrices or guidance systems spread across eight floors
  • Modern and innovative digital communication and advertising platforms



  • Easy-to-access information on store tenants and what is on offer in Welle7
  • Clear and fast orientation for visitors
  • Helpful departure and arrival times at Bern Station for commuters
  • Inspiration and emotionalisation of visitors
  • Digital overview of store tenants with orientation function


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