Modern branch concept


When developing the new shop concept, it was important for UPC Schweiz GmbH to use the many advantages of digital signage to optimum effect. UPC looked for a partner for the choice of the best touchpoints and the most effective content that will guarantee not only the right choices but also their successful, long-term use. We were permitted to use our tried and tested consulting method and tune the individual touchpoints to the customer’s requirements in various workshops.

One of the most important points for UPC was to animate customers to enter their branches so that the sales team could introduce them to the right products. Customer frequency is increased by, for instance, showing exciting UPC news on the extra-bright screens in the display window. The latest products and promotions are also shown on the big screens. This means that customers are addressed directly with this display window concept.

screenFOODnet was able to have a major influence on the positioning of the touchpoints during the consultation and design phase in order to target consumers directly with digital signage. Here, care was taken to ensure that the screens looked inviting from the outside and the products were made vivid to the customers inside the branches. The concept also included the UPC locations regularly receiving new content so that the communication would be fresh and therefore enjoy a high degree of attention.


  • 17 locations equipped with a variety of touchpoints
  • Extra-bright screens in the display windows
  • Video walls in the branches
  • Trilingual communication



  • Moving pictures generate increased attention to new products and promotions
  • External screens to increase frequency dramatically
  • Support in the creation of content, videos and marketing promotions 


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