Internal communication

Good communication is extremely important for employee motivation. It is also of great importance for internal PR that all information relevant to employees reches its destination in its entirety. A digital soultion has many benefits compared to the traditional pinboard. Information is spread easily and the visual processing increases attention.


«Inform and motivate employees!»


The greatest benefit is achived, when screens are used not only for information but when employees are also offered news about sports, politics and lifestyles. It is even possible to broadcast an important football match live in the canteen in order to lift employee's moods.

Your employees will also thank you for being informed of the timeline of public transports on the screen or being told what is available for lunch in the canteen or restaurant.

Internal communication also includes welcoming visitors and meeting-room signage. Use the screen to give your customers a warm welcome and show them the way to their meeting room. You can reserve the rooms for longer if you require, using terminals in the meeting room or ordering drinks at the push of a button.

Where do the screens have to be positioned? How must the information be presented so that they are noticed by the employees? Are different contents required depending on whether the screen is in the canteen or the office? We will be more than happy to work out the answers to these and all other questions together with you.

Screens in the canteen of Micarna


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