Stele for product range expansion 

Sales area is becoming more and more expensive and the choice desired by customers gets greater and greater. You can offer your customers a much larger selection in a small amount of space and at a low price using a stele. With just a few clicks your customers can navigate through the various product lines and order their favourite products to pick up in store or have them delivered to their homes.


“More choice for your customers!”


You can also help avoid missed sales with a stele like this. If, for example, a customer has found a suitable shirt but needs it in a different colour, he can just scan the EAN code at the stele and order the shirt in the right colour using the touchscreen. The stele is a valuable tool for your sales staff. On the one hand more can be sold and on the other ideal and fact-based consultation can be facilitated. 

How should the stele look like? Which benefits you want to offer your customers? What must the interface be like so that you can encourage your customers to use it? We will be more than happy to work out the answers to these and all other questions together with you.

“More sales and happier customers!”

Stele ath the Globus Service Lounge


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