Display window communication

In a representative survey at Fuhrer & Hotz a third of all customers said, that they enter a shop because of what is on display in the window. Increasing frequency in the branches is therefore also the main reason for having screens in the shop window. This reconfigures the high frequency of passers-by in such a way that they enter the shop. Grab your customers’ attention with new items, extra information or a modern appearance.


“We’ll bring your shop window to life!”


Local events can also be used for communication by means of weather data. Why not warn passers-by of a coming storm front and make the idea of entering a dry shop appealing to them? Or invite customers for a nice warming tea, if outside temperatures are below zero. The time of day can also be used to generate increased relevance, of course. You can advertise different products in the morning and evening and maybe run different promotions at weekends from those you would on workdays. Why not display a QR code at night so that customers can order the product on display online?
What content is relevant for persuading passers-by to enter the shop? At what times do various contents attract the greatest attention? What hardware is required for the screen in the shop window to generate the most attention? We will be more than happy to work out the answers to these and all other questions together with you.


“More frequency thanks to our shop window solution.”

Window communication example of Mobiliar


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