Mobiliar is one of the biggest and most popular insurances in Switzerland. It owns around 160 agencies, distributed across all 26 cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 2017, Mobiliar decided to modernise shop window communications in the agencies in order to create an even more positive brand experience. The previous solution with the fabric posters no longer meets today’s requirements. This is why modern screens were chosen: they make it possible to address customers with dynamic contents, communicate knowledge to them and animate them to visit the agency. The competence of the agency employees and information about new insurance services can also be communicated simply via the screens, specific to the individual location and always up to date. 

One great challenge of the implementation was that nearly every agency was constructed differently in architectural terms. Sometimes the branch was in a narrow building in a city centre, sometimes in a new build in the country. For this reason, screenFOODnet visited every single agency, made detailed notes on the spatial conditions and analysed customer flow. Different modules were then developed that would be used depending on the agency situation. The extra time invested before the project launch paid off thanks to the reduced installation time per branch that ensued from it.

During consultation it became clear that it would not be sensible to install a screen in every branch. For this reason we also developed an analogue module in which the contents could be updated by means of a simple insertion technique. Additionally, both the digital and analogue shop window steles were designed in a two-sided format. In this way communication would be provided not only externally, but customers would also be offered a source of information inside the agency.

screenFOODnet took on the role of general contractor with its 360° solution and responsibility for the entire coordination for Mobiliar. We had very competent support from Hauser & Partner in implementing the project. The agency for three-dimensional communication designed the impressive shop window steles and installed them on location. At the request of Mobiliar, electrical and carpentry work was undertaken mostly by local craftsmen - screenFOODnet was responsible for coordinating this. Additionally, we trained all the agencies in such a way that local events, such as a football tournament, could also be communicated via the digital shop window module on request.

The effort has been worth it. The agencies look more modern, fresher and more competent after the renovations and the well-known brand reinforced.


  • 97 locations were equipped with digital screens and/or analogue (2D/3D) modules 
  • Analogue and digital modules in three sizes: 42”/55”/65”
  • Special, tailor-made modules for each individual branch
  • Visits to and visualisation of each location (survey)
  • Trilingual communication
  • Rollout from February to July 2018
  • Training of all general agencies



  • Broadcasting of contents specific to location, time and target group
  • Increased attention thanks to local and relevant messages, moving pictures and videos
  • Positive brand experience created and the image of Mobiliar reinforced
  • Competence and knowledge can be communicated quickly and efficiently
  • Personal, local and modern brand identity 
  • Themes that are up to date and relevant for the customer can be designed and controlled
  • Having one’s own media for advertising purposes
  • Pillars for successful communication 
  • Thanks to the reverse side, which can also be used, customer communication within the agency is also available at the same time


screenFOODnet services

  • Consulting
  • Conception
  • Software
  • Hardware


Customer interface

Mobiliar IT and Marketing,
112 agencies / offices / general agencies,
Various external, local partners

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