Dynamic, convertible and an experience in itself: this aptly describes the LAGO Shopping Centre in Konstanz, a stone’s throw from Lake Constance itself. The aim is to offer an urban and modern shopping experience with an exclusive lakeside feeling. The focus is on creating a lively atmosphere in the centre that makes shopping an experience. Looking for that additional wow effect, screenFOODnet, with their long-standing know-how, were called upon to develop an exclusive solution. 

The mission was clear: how do you get the wonderful outdoors - Lake Constance, the mountains, the seasons - inside the LAGO? After a number of visits to the location, screenFOODnet developed a solution that was digital but still emotionally charged. On a 4x7 m video wall, suspended in the spacious atrium near the glass lift and the escalators, atmospheric images provide, among other things, a visual reference to Lake Constance. The video wall also plays creatively presented and animated images from the latest advertising campaigns.

The semi-transparent LED video wall enables customers to be able to look outside while travelling in the lift. The brightness of the LED video wall is controlled by a light sensor below the glass dome. Filigree steel ropes provide for a discreet installation that directs the eye exclusively to the wall.

Installing the seven-metre-high LED video wall was a big challenge. The wall consists of 56 individual panels that had to be assembled to form a single whole. To achieve this, screenFOODnet sought out a local partner to assemble the LED video wall. If you look from the top floor of the escalator area you will see a large steel construction that impressively shows what forces act on the floating wall.

The content that is played on the LED video wall is produced by screenFOODnet and adapted to the marketing concept of the LAGO Shopping Centre. The videos and images are accompanied by coordinated sound effects - the wall appeals to more than one sense and in this way becomes a powerful but not overbearing eye-catcher. The content fits seamlessly into the atmosphere of the centre and the current décor and picks up on seasons and events.


  • Selection and procurement of special hardware in conjunction with the customer 
  • Installation of a transparent, bright LED video wall
  • Construction and assembly with a partner, at a height of about 20 metres
  • The wall is 4 metres wide and 7 metres high and weighs about 350 kg
  • The accompanying videos are designed and produced in accordance with the customers’ wishes
  • The system is operated and monitored via remote maintenance



  • Links the “inside” to the “outside”
  • Creates recognition value
  • Generates an extra wow effect in the form of a holistic shopping experience
  • Rounds off the advertising campaigns


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