Fast aXs

Unattended shopping and Scan&Go are two concepts that have become increasingly popular in retail in recent years. FAST aXs is available for these concepts - which does not require a mobile app and therefore makes it much easier for customers to get started.

Benefit from the FAST aXs solution and open your staff-less branch too. Whether as a container built for this purpose, as a retrofit kit for your existing shop or as a tech stack for your branch of the future - we will accompany you to success here.


"Your shop 24/7 - unattended, without staff!"


Unattended shopping refers to shopping without interaction with a staff member or salesperson in the shop. Instead, customers can use their mobile phone to open the closed doors, take products directly from the shelves, scan and pay for them without interacting with a human employee.

Scan&Go is another concept that uses customers' personal mobile phones to make shopping easier. Customers scan the barcodes of products as they put them in their basket and can then pay for the products directly from their mobile phone. This reduces waiting times at the checkout and enables a fast and smooth shopping experience.


"Enhance your customers' shopping experience."


This is seen by many retailers as a way to improve customer service and reduce operating costs. Customers appreciate the fast and convenient shopping experience they are offered, and many retailers have recognised the benefits of staffless shopping and Scan&Go and are implementing these technologies in their shops.

Unmanned FAST aXs shop: SPAR GO24 Sihlquai Zürich


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