Point-of-Sale advertising screens at Denner

In an increasingly competitive environment, point-of-sale advertising is very important.  Denner have found an elegant alternative to traditional advertising: advertising screens! Swiss discounters Denner position advertising screens with moving contents in order to advertise promotions and draw customers’ attention to special offers. The screens and brackets, which have been custom-made for Denner, fit perfectly among the analogue illuminated advertisements at the point of sale.


  • Equipping 800 Denner branches with an advertising screen for tobacco and internal advertising
  • Positioning of the advertising screen among the existing analogue tobacco advertising posters - replacing one existing poster and thereby increasing attention
  • Custom-made screen and bracket adapted to the already existing tobacco advertising posters for a uniform appearance
  • Advertising contents are profiled according to features and broadcast nationally, regionally or according to specific location in the three national languages for target group-appropriate communication
  • Hanging bracket is adjustable in order to ensure the advertising screen can be moved easily
  • The focal point of communication in the advertising loop will be tobacco product advertising: 85% (promotions, new products etc.); 15% of the advertising loop can be used for other types of goods in order to guarantee a product mix
  • Interface connection to the Denner database for image data, texts, prices and opening times in order to secure automated content production



  • Positioning of the advertising at the point of sale for increased perception
  • Contents broadcast in relation to location, time and target group
  • Increased attention for promotions and special offers using moving pictures


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