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The Migros Klubschule is the oldest and biggest educational institution in Switzerland. Gottlieb Duttweiler himself inspired the creation of this further education facility in 1943. Today, around 400,000 people a year attend a course or further education course. There are 50 locations throughout Switzerland that say “Welcome to the Club”. 

Whether it is yoga, photography or a new language - there is something for everyone in our range of 500 courses. For this reason the Migros Klubschule is not only a successful educational institution, but also a club - a meeting point to pursue what inspires you with other people.

screenFOODnet was able to create an entire concept for Klubschule Migros Lucerne and in this way develop an exciting project. The central focus was on presenting the Klubschule’s diverse range of courses in a clearer and more contemporary way and replacing the existing brochure wall. We were commissioned to develop and design the seven digital steles. We proposed several versions to the Klubschule management and created the perfect stele in a number of versions.

Two different models, one with a free-standing foot and one mounted directly on the wall, are distributed in the Central Swiss locations. All the devices were built in accordance with accessibility guidelines and are therefore easily accessible to wheelchairs. All the Klubschule courses can be found, selected and booked directly via the steles. If you are undecided as to whether the available course is the right one or not the course offer can also be mailed so that you can study it in the peace and quiet of your home.

This digital, modern and customer-friendly solution means that the Klubschule can keep its offer up to date at all times. It also saves printing costs and the digital steles will attract the full attention of its customers. Additionally, care and maintenance and support and services will be covered and guaranteed by our team.


  • A total of seven steles at the three locations of Lucerne, Zug and Sursee. 
  • screenFOODnet supplied the design template for the construction of a prototype.
  • Together with the customer, the housing was inspected and after a number of adjustments were made seven of them were constructed.
  • An inbuilt 40’’ screen above and a 22” touchscreen below, both flush with the frame – both screens are controlled by the same PC with the screenFOOD software.
  • The steles are made of solid metal with a closable service flap.
  • Two affixed brochure holders for analogue communication.
  • Set-up and assembly by screenFOODnet and the shopfitter. Individual assembly depending on location, either free-standing or mounted on a wall.
  • Rollout in July 2020.



  • Digital address of potential and existing Klubschule customers in well-frequented places. Customer gathering in the existing environment of the school.
  • Remote effects by means of a coherent video that arouses attention and interest.
  • Selection, checking and information on the entire range of courses on offer on the touchscreen. Synergies with the existing Klubschule website.
  • Possibility of having information on the course selected sent home or booking it directly.
  • Large poster walls replaced. Savings on consultant and paper costs.


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